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Build applications at lightning speed

The #1 Betty Blocks partner

Betty Builders makes development faster and much more fun!

Build Enterprise-grade applications, 10x faster. Testing and optimization is all you need to stay ahead of the competition, every time.

With Betty Blocks' no-code platform, you'll give your business an innovative boost.


Fast time-to-value

Big or small, the best way to test your ideas is to get them to market as quickly as possible. With Betty Blocks, you can build software and applications up to 10 times faster.
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Build complex apps without coding

Experience the power of Betty Blocks and create business applications based on your own data model, business process and logic. Your imagination is your own limitation.
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Opportunities with Citizen Development

With Betty Blocks training and co-development, your company will be ready to develop applications on its own in no time!
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Endless possibilities

Rapidly develop applications using visual modeling; 100% in the cloud, designed with a flexible UI builder.

Endless Possibilities

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Betty Builders

What we do

An indispensable part of your innovation process is the design and development of business applications that contribute to the improvement of your business results. Betty Builders is the only no-code / low-code specialist that combines content expertise with specific domain knowledge and innovative solutions.

With over twenty years of successful experience in the North American and European markets, we like to think in terms of solutions that optimize your business processes.

Experience the endless possibilities that no-code/low-code creates for citizen development and boost your business today!

Why Citizen development?

With the Betty Blocks platform, anyone can build applications and software nowadays, because you don't need to code anymore. Hiring an expensive developer will no longer be necessary! Whether you are a CEO, HR manager or marketer, you can now be a citizen developer and turn your own ideas into valuable applications. Request the Whitepaper 'Citizen development for Dummies' and start building your own business application today! With the Betty blocks training and co-development your company will be ready to develop applications in no time!

Why no-code?

Achieve business results with Betty Blocks software

"How can you build an application without coding?" is a question we hear a lot.

Our secret: programmers at Betty Blocks write the code that lays the foundation for the visual modeling elements that you then use to build your applications that will give your business an innovative boost.

For example, compare it to building a house in modular building blocks. The work is done and all you have to do is put it together. The biggest advantage of using no-code in software or business application development is that once you build a block, you can always reuse it.

Up to 10x faster

Easy software building

Your unique UX

Build your portal.

Pricing plans

Betty Builders packages

Single app

+Small Business
  • A single application
  • Full platform access with all functions.
  • Easily create applications from templates.
  • Step-by-step construction tours.
  • Video introduction to Betty Blocks.
  • Share applications with your team.


  • Unlimited applications
  • 100 internal users
  • 10 GB storage
  • 100 external users
  • Unlimited number of users possible
  • Anonymous use included
  • Hosted on Betty Blocks' public cloud


  • Unlimited number of users possible
  • 24/7 support windows
  • 99.9% cloud uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited environments
  • Dedicated CSM
  • 100GB storage



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