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Betty Blocks


Endless possibilities

Rapidly develop applications using visual modeling; 100% in the cloud, designed with a flexible UI builder.

Endless Possibilities

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Why Betty Blocks?

By 2023, anyone can build an application

Everything is about connecting with you. From our company culture to our platform to supporting our on- and offline communities. People are the key driver of innovation and we make app development possible for everyone.

01. Build complex applications up to 10x faster
02. Be the rapidly developing market for
03. World's first no-code platform
Citizen development

Designed for all

With the increasing demand for software and the shortage of experienced developers, we need to find more developers - that's where the word 'citizen' comes in. Citizen simply means someone who is not an experienced professional in the field in question - in this case application development. So citizen development not only expands your pool of developers, it also brings other insights and expertise to the software development process.

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creative approach

About Betty Builders

Betty Builders is part of the fizor. group.

This means that we guarantee fizor. standards. This is by combining the upside with expertise from the Betty Blocks no-code platform.

We focus on one thing: your bottom line. We turn your challenges into opportunities and don't stop until we have created the ultimate solution for your business.

With over 20 years of experience implementing ERP systems, our founders decided that things had to be different. Now, a few years later, the first platforms have been transformed into no- and low-code systems that solve the most important problems concerning software and applications.

  • As an excellent Betty Blocks partner, you are always guaranteed the fizor standards.
  • Betty Blocks is ISO certified and meets all quality standards in the field of security and privacy legislation.

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